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College or University students that become involved with law enforcement face a variety of complex concerns: university student conduct hearings, criminal charges, and Title IX investigations. Unfortunately, a momentary lapse in judgment, which happens from time to time with college students, can have a major impact on a student’s future. At Barnett Howard & Williams PLLC, we counsel and defend college student at university disciplinary hearings, Title IX investigations, and misdemeanor or felony criminal cases. Our goal is to ensure that the incident does not end up on the student’s permanent criminal record.

We offer skilled, compassionate representation for students at TCU, UNT, UTA, TCC, Baylor and other educational institutions in North Texas.  We can be there from the moment of the arrest throughout the entire process to counsel the student to navigate through university procedures as well as the criminal justice process.  This can be an intimidating and scary time for a student and his or her family.  We strive to calm your fears as we help you understand what you will be facing over the coming weeks and months.

Our criminal defense attorneys were former state and federal prosecutors, so they know the criminal justice process inside and out.  We have handled numerous criminal cases involving college and university students, shepherding the student through both disciplinary and court proceedings.  We will take the time to answer all of your questions along the way.

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We found Jason to be very open and honest with us going in about the realities of my daughter's case and what possible outcomes we were facing. It was clear to us that he had her best interest at heart.

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Barnett, Howard and Williams came highly recommended and believe me, they did not disappoint. I can sincerely testify that Luke Williams gave over 100% to my son's issue.

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We hired Brandon the day before my daughter's court date. He was there the next morning and had already handled several issues. I was constantly impressed.

B.W. - Parent of Criminal Defense Client

Proven Results for College Students And Parents

Our attorneys offer compassionate and patient counsel to students and parents.  We have developed a proven track record of positive results for student defense cases, both at the university level and in the criminal justice system.  When a student’s future is on the line, you need experienced, local representation.  You can turn to Barnett Howard & Williams PLLC with confidence in matters involving:

Some Young Offenders May Be Eligible For A Pretrial Diversion Program

In June 2015, the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office made significant changes to its “Deferred Prosecution Program.” Please ask us about this program in Tarrant County!

This program may allow you to avoid court disposition altogether, with the opportunity to try to resolve your case by complying with certain terms set out in a written agreement between you and the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office. If the terms of the pretrial diversion program are completed within the required time frame and you do not violate the agreement, then the diversion program typically provides for the dismissal of your case. In most cases, the student will then be eligible to have the case and arrest expunged from their record so that it cannot be seen by future employers or graduate school.

For young university students with a clean criminal history, a diversion program can be a great option. If you hire our student defense attorneys and you are interested in applying for a diversion program, the first step will be to prepare the application and additional information we will provide to the District Attorney’s Office.

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Criminal defense for Texas Christian University students and those attending other institutions in North Texas is a conscious, highly developed strength of our law firm. Our attorneys engage closely with our clients and their families and actively prepare them for specific university disciplinary processes as well as the criminal justice system. Our constant goal is to help students stay in school and on track in life.

We are dedicated, proven student defense lawyers. At Barnett Howard & Williams PLLC, you can depend on personal attention from lawyers who genuinely care about you or your child. For a FREE consultation of your case, please call (817) 993-9249 or send us an email now.

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