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A juvenile criminal case is a serious matter. Like adults, juveniles can face the possibility of being labeled a criminal by the State by being accused of a wide range of crimes, including:

A criminal record, even a juvenile criminal record, is a label that will often hurt a child much more than it will ever help the State. If you know of a young person who is under investigation or has been charged with a juvenile offense in Tarrant County, you need to seek the advice of a Fort Worth juvenile defense attorney from Barnett Howard & Williams PLLC today.

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Luke Williams was a found treasure! Luke was forthright in providing the best and worse case scenarios of our case. He kept us "in the loop" every time he received information or correspondence from the DA so we did not have to wait and wonder. Luke also continually encouraged us through this foreign process of juvenile courts and the hearing process. He also gave us sound advise that, I believe, was one of the contributing factors to us receiving the outcome we desired!

G.B. - Parent of Juvenile Defense Client

Mr. Howard was great to work with. He is very experienced and knowledgeable, but also very down to earth and non-judgmental. We found him to be very open and honest with us going in about the realities of my daughter's case and what possible outcomes we were facing. It was clear to us that he had her best interest at heart and the he cared about preventing a teenage mistake from affecting her future.

N.G. - Parent of Juvenile Defense Client

We hired Mr. Williams to represent our child for a juvenile offense. I will recommend Mr. Williams to friends who need an attorney to represent their teenage children. He was trustworthy and thorough in our teenager's defense.

J.C. - Parent of Juvenile Defense Client

 The Juvenile Court System in Texas is Different | Fort Worth Juvenile Defense

Juvenile defense cases are handled in a separate juvenile court. If you are a juvenile, or the parent of a juvenile, it is crucial that you understand your rights and the juvenile defense procedures. Juvenile courts often seek to rehabilitate juveniles if the juvenile can demonstrate that there is hope that he or she can become a productive member of the society. Too many times our state gives up hope on a juvenile who has been in and out of trouble. At Barnett Howard & Williams PLLC, our Fort Worth juvenile defense attorneys believe that there is hope in everyone, no matter how bad it seems. We feel that the State should never throw someone away and give up hope in that person — especially if that person is a child. Juvenile courts often provide ways for juveniles to get out of bad situations and become that productive member of society. It is essential that you have a voice in the process to take advantage of those potential opportunities.

In more serious cases, the State of Texas can elect to certify a juvenile as an adult to be prosecuted as in the adult court system. The State has been electing this option in an increasing number of cases. The goals of the adult criminal system in Texas are very different from the goals of the juvenile criminal system. Many times, certifying a child as an adult extinguishes the hope that he or she can be rehabilitated.

Our Fort Worth juvenile defense attorneys recognize that a child is a child and we strive to encourage the State not to lose sight of that fact. Our attorneys have years of experience in Texas criminal law. We understand that many times juveniles are accused of crimes that they did not commit. We also understand that juveniles receive punishments that are often extraordinary and don’t fit the crime. Turn to Barnett Howard & Williams PLLC in Fort Worth to fight for you or your child. You can rely on us to defend your rights and your case through each and every step of the juvenile justice process.

What to Do If You Are Summoned To Court Because Of Your Child’s Arrest

In juvenile defense cases, parents are summoned to answer for a child’s alleged criminal act. Most parents don’t know what to do when this happens. A parent may be unsure as to whether he or she even needs an attorney to begin with. Oftentimes, a juvenile probation officer or court staff will “advise” a parent that an attorney is unnecessary. Sometimes, even a prosecutor will give the parents the same “advice” and assure them that their case is not serious enough to need a defense attorney. We believe that there are no minor criminal cases. Being labeled a criminal by the State (especially as a child) is an outcome that should never be taken lightly — even if someone tells you otherwise. We make it our goal to walk side-by-side with parents and their children through each and every step of the juvenile process.

What is a Determinate Sentence? | Juvenile Determinate Sentencing

We often get questions from concerned parents regarding Determinate Sentences. Determinate sentencing involves a hybrid system whereby juveniles who have been adjudicated for certain criminal offenses are given a sentence that begins in the Texas Juvenile Justice Department and has the possibility of being transferred to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (Texas’ adult prison system) for a term of up to forty years. If the state is seeking a determinate sentence in your child’s case, this is very serious and you need the very best juvenile defense attorneys on your side.

How to Seal a Juvenile Criminal Record

While all juvenile records are “restricted,” that does not mean that they are “sealed.” If you were involved in the juvenile justice system, you want to make sure that you have your juvenile record sealed. Our attorneys are experienced in sealing juvenile records and can evaluate your situation to determine whether you qualify to have your record sealed. If your juvenile matter is closed and you are interested in sealing the record, contact us.

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