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We are grateful for each and every client we get the opportunity to serve. While we can never guarantee a certain outcome in any criminal or injury case, we can guarantee our effort.  Our attorneys work tirelessly to ensure that each of our clients receives the most effective legal action on their case.  Below are some of the reviews that our past clients have written. Each review is 100% authentic from an actual client of Barnett Howard & Williams PLLC.

Southlake Top Rated Criminal Lawyers

Words Can’t Describe!!! – Words can’t describe how thankful we are that God directed us to Luke Williams and this firm. It is a very stressful situation when you have to search for legal help, and it was such a blessing to find such a professional. Luke was upfront and honest, he communicated frequently with us, and he was more than fair throughout the entire process. This firm is trustworthy and they truly are here to help people. It is great to see this especially in a day and age where everyone seems to be in business for the wrong reasons. If you are searching online and scrolling (to find good reviews) for legal counsel, you need to scratch out the other 3-4 names you have written down and call Luke and this firm. You will find their prices extremely fair and their service and care exceptional.”

N.E. – Criminal Defense Client

Eternally Grateful – Wow, can’t say enough about how our needs were met. Our family during a time of need were immediately met with action and resolution. The attorney we consulted knew exactly his business and direction to pursue a gameplan with a sense of personal connection to the process with gave us foresight to eliminate any threat. As we later discovered, our attorney is highly respected by the organizations involved and played a large part in our resolution. Our family is eternally grateful to the entire staff at this law firm.

M.M. – Sexual Assault Defense Client

Phenomenal Job – “Mr. Lotspeich represented our son in a personal injury case, and did a phenomenal job. Prior to meeting with him, we had almost given up hope of finding someone who would represent him. Throughout the process, he answered all of our questions, and kept us informed of everything that was going on, including that the statute of limitations on the case was running out, which we did not know prior to him telling us. He was incredibly caring throughout the whole process, and fought to get us the highest amount possible. We are grateful for helping our family through a very difficult situation.”

A.L. – Personal Injury Client

Absolutely Thrilled – “I have known Mr. Lotspeich for several years and found him to be a phenomenal lawyer. I am a teacher and last year, one of my students was terribly injured. I recommend Mr. Lotspeich to my student’s mom. She ended up going with him and was absolutely thrilled with the work he did. The mom contacted me several times throughout their court process just to tell me how fantastic Mr. Lotspeich was and to thank me for suggesting him. She said he was compassionate, listened to all of their concerns, made the process as easy as possible, and fought for her son. He won their case got them the maximum amount allowed. Obviously, I knew Mr. Lotspeich was an incredible lawyer, but I was especially thrilled he fought so hard for my former student.”

B.P. – Personal Injury Client

FANTASTIC CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE!!! – “Barnett Howard & Williams was a huge blessing to me and my wife and brought light to my darkest hour. I thank God for placing such Christian advocates in my life. Words like honesty, trustworthy, compassionate, sincere and caring only begin to describe them.”

L.C. – Criminal Defense Client

Review from Fort Worth Criminal Defense Client – “Everyone we dealt with at this hard time of our lives was courteous and wonderful. I appreciate everything Mr. Howard did to make this stressful process easy and almost painless. Thank you for being that friend and counselor that my family needed.”

C.W. – Criminal Defense Client

Great Advocate! – “Mr. Barnett helped me through a complex legal issue with great skill and compassion. He told me what to expect, answered all my questions, and followed up on every detail in a timely and thorough manner. I’m grateful that he did what he said he would do, when he said he would do it. I couldn’t have asked for a better advocate!”

A.H. – Criminal Defense Client

I can’t sum up in a few words how amazing Luke and this practice really are. You CAN trust them. – “Mr. Williams is kind, helpful and reminded me on several occasions not to worry. He treated me like part of a family. I would recommend him without reservation. You will not only be getting an honorable attorney but some good counsel as well!”

V.Q. – Criminal Defense Client

Review from Federal Criminal Defense Client – “I would highly recommend Brandon Barnett. He has done and awesome job with my criminal case and I feel that much of the positive resolution was due to his expertise and care. He really cared about how this whole issue was affecting me and he kept my husband and I fully informed of everything that occurred. Thanks so much to Brandon!”

N.W. – Federal Criminal Defense Client

Very Professional Representation – “I retained Mr. Williams to represent me in getting my driver’s license reinstated. If I were unable to have driving privileges, I would have been in jeopardy of losing my employment. Mr. Williams handled all of the issues from start to finish, explained everything in detail along the way and in a manner that I was able to understand. At the end, my license is now valid and Luke did an outstanding job.”

B – DWI Defense Client

Complete Faith – “Barnett, Howard and Williams came highly recommended and believe me, they did not disappoint. One never really can foresee the outcome of any particular court case, but I can sincerely testify that Luke Williams gave over 100% to my son’s issue. Our outcome was completely positive and in our favor and I give credit, first to God, and then to Luke for allowing himself to be the vessel that carried us through this “less than happy occasion.” I have never spoken with an attorney that was as compassionate, gracious and kind as Luke. From my experience, I would say that all of the attorneys at this firm operate the same way….with heart and dedication. I truly believe that our case could easily have had a very different resolution had someone else taken the case. In this day and age, it is very rare to receive such quality service. They are very humble attorneys and what I mean by that is that they made themselves accessible ALWAYS, returned calls promptly, assured us that they would help in whatever way they could…THEN…they followed through in a very timely manner. What a refreshing group of attorneys to do business with! I would and will refer them to anyone who is in need of legal services. May God continue to bless these men and their efforts.”

L. – Criminal Defense Client

Review from DWI Defense Client – “Luke is the consummate professional. He came highly recommended and I believe his years a prosecutor give him unique insight. I’ve already recommended him several times. Luke Williams is about serving clients, not running up tabs for every consultation and trip he has to take to the courthouse. I’m a professional business person and have dealt with scores of attorneys; no one is better prepared, persistent, thorough, and straightforward good or bad. (wish all attorneys were as faithful to their oath) Luke knows the intricacies of the law and the practicalities of how it’s being applied given current politics, culture, and daily precedents. Luke plays for the long haul with his humble, Christian approach by developing honest, healthy relationships with Judges, Clerks, and Prosecutors. He appreciates that they have a job to do as well. Hope I don’t have to call him again, but won’t hesitate if I must.”

J.W. – DWI Client

Restored – “When I met Mr. Howard for the first time, I was spiritually and emotionally broken. I had done my homework and read the reviews, but this was the last place I wanted to be. Upon meeting Mr. Howard, I knew I was right where God wanted me to be in my situation. I was treated with dignity and honesty. I was reminded that we all make mistakes. My husband and I had many question and they were all answered. Mr. Howard gave me a clear outline of my case and where I should go from there. He provided me the tools to move forward with having my case possible dismissed. I started my next chapter quickly and completed it within 2 months. Any time I had a question, I would email Jason and to my surprise, I received an email or call the same day, many times after hours. I know I am not his only client, but I sure felt that way with the legal guidance that he gave me throughout my whole process. Through Jason and the programs he directed me to, God has allowed me to forgive myself and move forward with my life. My case has been dismissed. I read a quote at one of my classes that said “A mistake is never a mistake if you learn from it”. I have learned from this and have realized that this does not define who I am. I would encourage anyone who finds themselves in an uncomfortable legal situation, to contact Jason Howard. He is honest, caring, and does exactly what he says he will do. He directed in in directions to help me personally and with my case. I cannot say thank you enough, but thank you Mr. Howard.”

Stacy – Theft Defense Client

Review from Juvenile Defense Client – “Luke Williams was a found treasure! Luke was forthright in providing the best and worse case scenarios of our case. He kept us “in the loop” every time he received information or correspondence from the DA so we did not have to wait and wonder. Luke also continually encouraged us through this foreign process of juvenile courts and the hearing process. He also gave us sound advise that, I believe, was one of the contributing factors to us receiving the outcome we desired! Luke was always professional. He was an encouragement to our son and our family. Finally, Luke’s faith in Christ exuded in his words, actions, correspondence and hope of a positive outcome – which only gave us hope and confidence in knowing he was the right attorney for our son and family!”

G.B. – Juvenile Defense Client

Review from Domestic Assault Client – “Brandon Barnett is AMAZING! He is true to his beliefs and will fights for you!!! I would HIGHLY recommend Brandon Barnett!”

D.T. – Assault (Family Violence) Defense Client

Nice Guy, Great Service – “Mr. Howard was great to work with. He is very experienced and knowledgeable, but also very down to earth and non-judgmental. We found him to be very open and honest with us going in about the realities of my daughter’s case and what possible outcomes we were facing. It was clear to us that he had her best interest at heart and the he cared about preventing a teenage mistake from affecting her future. We feel that he served us well and that we had the best possible outcome under the circumstances. I hope my family never needs his services again, but we wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to call him if we did.”

Juvenile Defense Client

Fantastic Attorney – My First Choice – “I was fortunate to have found Luke Williams- extremely knowledgeable in his field, personable and friendly attitude and superb work ethic. He kept me well informed and was always easy to reach, something I appreciated in comparison to a previous attorney. Luke helped to reduce my already second alcohol offense under 21 to just community service. I found my meetings with him to be relaxed and easy to talk to, he makes it a goal to understand your situation and works hard to produce the best outcome. I would highly recommend Luke Williams for any number of cases!”

F.W. – DWI Client

Review from Military Law Client – “Brandon was a) professional, b) personable, c) on point and most important effective! He was able to get done what three other attorneys had failed to do and he did it in a matter of weeks compared to the previous 18 months I was truly impressed and I highly recommend him — he exemplifies “an officer and a gentlemen” serving clients and country!.”

A.S. – Military Law Client

Highest Integrity of all lawyers I have ever known – “Brandon’s research into our case was thorough and thoughtful. It was obvious that he had the experience and expertise we needed but his care and concern for the human side is what really set his counsel apart. Finding an attorney with his integrity was a blessing and though our case didn’t proceed, his demeanor and consideration made me and my family feel good about Brandon’s services as well as the outcome. We can’t recommend Barnett Howard & Williams highly enough!”

W.R. – Military Law Client

Jason Howard was a blessing to me and my situation – “I thank God everyday for placing Jason Howard and his law firm. They treated me like a person who made a bad decision, and not a criminal. I prayed for a Christian lawyer and Jason’s firm was listed that way. Jason was very resonable when it came to his fees, he truly was a blessing. Thank you Jason may God continue to bless you and your firm.”

R. – DWI Defense Client

Highly Recommend – “Brandon was amazing throughout my entire experience: from the moment I called until after my case was dismissed. He always returned my emails the same day and handled my case quickly and efficiently. My case was dismissed without me ever appearing in court.”

M. – Assault (Family Violence) Defense Client

Fighters! – “I came to Barnett Howard and Williams with a case that attempted theft and fraud. It was a felony charge and I was so nervous about this case and wanted to find the right attorneys for the job. After meeting with three or four attorneys I set up a meeting with Mr. Williams – BEST choice I have made in a long time. After explaining what had happened to him we took it to trial. Never once was I worried from the time he took over my case. They always let me know what was going on, answered all my questions. Went above and beyond what I expected them to do. When we finally took it to court his whole firm was there to either listen, help, or fight for me. And at the end of it all NOT Guilty is what we got and it was because of all the hard work he put into the case along with his firm. You get a full package with this firm. You really do!!!”

J.R. – Criminal Defense Client

Review from Criminal Defense Client – “I cannot express how grateful my family and I are for Mr. Brandon Barnett’s representation. Mr. Barnett went above & beyond expectations. He personally called and emailed the status of my situation always in a timely manner. I sent an email inquiry at 9:40 PM (yes PM) and received a response around 9:45 PM the same night. I am willing to bet there are not many Attorney’s clients who can proclaim the same level of service. I can testify there are no hidden fees for the great service his clients will receive. I urge anyone desiring nothing but the truth, ethical representation, and the best outcome to choose Mr. Barnett for his or her Attorney. If you want the best result your situation can bring then I would have no one else in my corner but Mr. Brandon Barnett.”

T.L. – Criminal Defense Client

Arrest – Now What Do We Do? – “Our family was presented with a situation that resulted in an arrest of our son. We had no idea how to go about handling his charge or how to help him through this process. Jason met with us in a location that was convenient to our home, answered our questions and provided us with options. With emotions running high and our inexperience in this matter, we relied on Jason to guide us through the legal system. He also communicated to our son about the seriousness of his offence and pushed him to get his act together. He challenged him about the friends he was hanging around and other bad influences. We are very thankful to him for the extra care and attention that he showed our family.”

Michelle – Drug Possession Client

Review from Fort Worth Criminal Defense Client – “Jason Howard and his entire team handled my case in the most ideal fashion and with respect and professionalism. I was always informed and guided with information I trusted by people whom I trusted. Specifically, I really appreciated that Jason was always easy to reach and kept me informed with any information I needed to know. Jason worked hard on my case and I was very satisfied with the outcome. I felt that my case was in the best hands in Fort Worth the whole way through.”

R. Criminal Defense Client

A Great Lawyer – “Luke Williams came right in and went to work on my behalf. I could not have asked for a more persistent, well-known, hard-working lawyer to represent me. Luke did an amazing job!”

E. – Criminal Defense Client

Review from Juvenile Defense Client – “We hired Mr. Williams to represent our child for a juvenile offense. I will recommend Mr. Williams to friends who need an attorney to represent their teenage children. He was trustworthy and thorough in our teenager’s defense.”

J.C. – Juvenile Defense Client

Review from DWI Client – “Mr. Barnett is an outstanding lawyer! I can honestly say that he went above and beyond to help me understand the process and to resolve my legal problem. He was readily available, respectful, and efficient. I highly recommend Brandon Barnett. He is by far the best lawyer I’ve ever had!!”

E.J. – DWI Client

110% Satisfied – “Completely satisfied with my experience with Jason and law firm as a whole, very hands on, motivated, and easily accessible 24/7, liked the fact that i dealt directly with the attorneys. Was looking at a felony DWI but had it reduced to a misdemeanor and my fine was cut in half.”

W.F. – DWI Defense Client

Review from Fort Worth Criminal Defense Client – “There are absolutely no other words to describe Luke, other than AMAZING! He truly cares for you as a person, I will never seek legal help from ANYONE else. So incredibly thankful for Luke, and all that he has done for myself & my family!”

J.B. – Criminal Defense Client


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