If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Denton County, Texas, or if you have been served with a subpoena to appear in one of Denton County criminal courts, review this page for more information about the Denton County Courts.  Denton County has 5 misdemeanor courts and 8 felony district courts.  All of the criminal courts in Denton County (with the exception of the Juvenile Court) are located inside the Denton County Courts Building, located at 1450 East McKinney Street, Denton, 76209.

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Who is the Judge in my Denton County criminal case?

Denton County Felony Courts

16th District Court
Judge Sherry Shipman

Location: 3rd Floor
Phone: (940) 349-2310

Judge Sherry Shipman 16th District Court Denton County

158th District Court
Judge Steve Burgess

Location: 3rd Floor
Phone: (940) 349-2320

Judge Steve Burgess 158th District Court Denton County

211th District Court
Judge Brody Shanklin

Location: 2nd Floor
Phone: (940) 349-2330

Judge Brody Shanklin 211th District Court Denton County

362nd District Court
Judge Bruce McFarling

Location: 3rd Floor
Phone: (940) 349-2340

Judge Bruce McFarling 362nd District Court Denton County

367th District Court
Judge Margaret Barnes

Location: 3rd Floor
Phone: (940) 349-2350

Judge Margaret Barnes 367th District Court Denton County

393rd District Court
Judge Doug Robison

Location: 4th Floor
Phone: (940) 349-2360

Denton County Judge Doug Robison 393

431st District Court
Judge Jonathan Bailey

Location: 2nd Floor
Phone: (940) 349-4370

Judge Jonathan Bailey 431st District Court Denton County

442nd District Court
Judge Tiffany Haertling

Location: 2nd Floor
Phone: (940) 349-4380

Judge Tiffany Haertling 442nd District Court Denton County

462nd District Court
Judge Ann Breading

Location: 4th Floor
Phone: (940) 349-2110

Judge Ann Breading 462 Denton County

Denton County Misdemeanor Courts

County Criminal Court Number 1 (CCC1)
Judge Lauri Ragland

Location: 1st Floor
Phone: (940) 349-2160

Judge Lauri Ragland Denton CCC1

County Criminal Court Number 2 (CCC2)
Judge Susan Piel

Location: 1st Floor
Phone: (940) 349-2170

Judge Susan Piel Denton CCC2

County Criminal Court Number 3 (CCC3)
Judge Forrest Beadle

Location: 4th Floor
Phone: (940) 349-2180

Denton CCC3 Judge Forrest Beadle

County Criminal Court Number 4 (CCC4)
Judge Chance Oliver

Location: 4th Floor
Phone: (940) 349-2380

Denton CCC4 Chance Oliver

County Criminal Court Number 5 (CCC5)
Judge Coby Waddill

Location: 4th Floor
Phone: (940) 349-2190

Judge Coby Waddill CCC5 Denton County

Denton County Juvenile Court

County Court at Law Number 1
Judge Kimberly McCary

Charlie J. Cole Bldg
210 South Woodrow Lane
Denton, TX 76205
Phone: (940) 349-2520

Judge Kimberly McCary Denton County Court at Law Juvenile Court

Interested in Watching Court in Denton County

If you are interested in observing a particular case, you can search the Denton County criminal court dockets on the county’s court docket website.


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