An Alternative for Tarrant County Domestic Violence Cases

The Domestic Violence Diversion Program is a pretrial diversion program focused on domestic violence, or violence between intimate partners.   The program is funded by a grant from the Criminal Justice Division of the Governor’s office. Eligible defendants typically have a pending Assault (Family Violence) case in Tarrant County Criminal Court Number 5.  Defendants that are selected to participate in the Domestic Violence Diversion Program are placed into the pre-trial diversion court which monitors the defendant’s progress in a non-adversarial manner, in lieu of traditional case processing.

What is the Admission Criteria for the Domestic Violence Diversion Program?

Defendants are selected for program participation after undergoing a comprehensive screening and assessment process.  The following eligibility criteria must be met before a defendant can qualify for the program:

  • The defendant must have a pending allegation of partner-on-partner violence;
  • The defendant must not have any current or prior violations of protective orders;
  • There should be no allegation of stalking activity;
  • The defendant cannot have any outstanding arrest warrants;
  • The defendant should not have any other pending charges;
  • The defendant cannot have previously participated in a diversion program;
  • The defendant must demonstrate a commitment to completing a prescribed program; and
  • The victim (injured party) must give consent for offender participation.

This court is unique because it combines the judicial function with case management, victim assistance and an assessment process. The project includes services specifically dedicated to preventing, identifying and responding to violent crimes against women as they relate to domestic violence.

Procedure for Entrance into the Domestic Violence Diversion Program

  • The Tarrant County District Attorney recommends the defendant to participate in the program
  • The defendant must enroll in the program at the first consultation docket.
  • The defendant is assessed for appropriate programs.
  • The victim must sign a consent form for the defendant to participate in the Domestic Violence Diversion Program.
  • The defendant enters a plea of guilty to Assault (Family Violence) and the Judge recesses the hearing for one (1) year.
  • The defendant completes the diversion program as a condition of bond.
  • Once the defendant successfully completes the program, the defendant is allowed to withdraw the plea of guilty and the judge dismisses the case.

Program Guidelines

  • The Tarrant County Domestic Violence Diversion Program is 12 months in length.
  • The defendant is required to report in person to the case manager once a week during first 30 days.
  • The defendant must maintain a minimum of two (2) contacts per month for the remainder of the program. (Reporting requirements are determined by the participant’s compliance)
  • The defendant must complete all treatment and/or counseling as recommended during the initial assessment.
  • The defendant is required to attend a Progress Review with the court as directed, but at least once during the 12 month program.
  • The defendant must pay a supervision fee of $60/month while participating in the program.

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