An Alternative for Simple Assault (non Domestic Violence) Defendants Ages 17-25 in Tarrant County

OBI WAN is an alternative to standard pre-trial diversion programs for an assault charge presented in Tarrant Criminal Court Number 5.  This program provides counseling and case management to youthful offenders aged 17-25, who have been arrested for assault.* The program is managed and the services are provided by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has specialty training in trauma and abuse.

Through counseling and case management, the hope is that solutions and skills development will address the contributing factors and circumstances that led to the arresting incident. Through case management services in collaboration with outside agencies, defendants are given an opportunity to stabilize their lives and gain access to resources that can encourage further development. This is a strengths-based and solutions-oriented program; whereby, defendants will establish goals to help them move their lives away from future criminality and violence. Based on the efforts made by defendants to change and promote better trajectories in their lives, a charge dismissal may be earned.

*For defendants ages 26-28, the OBI program could be an option.

Aim of the OBI WAN Program

Through individual counseling, which includes case management, the OBI WAN program is designed to help young offenders work through issues that culminated in violence. In doing so, the young adult works through the process of accomplishing goals and thinking about alternative solutions. This process is to help young offenders recognize the capacities they have to make more productive decisions.

Youth will be asked to demonstrate accountability for themselves by setting program goals and working on these goals. Program completion is dependent on the accomplishments of and effort toward those goals.

The participants will need to identify people they think could help them as allies in the counseling process and invite these individuals to participate as support and as additional agents of change.

Who is Eligible for OBI WAN?


  • First-time offenders only (individuals with past juvenile charges may be considered on a case by case basis);
  • Defendant must be between the ages of 17-25 at time of enrollment into program (if ages 26-28, consider the OBI Program);
  • Defendant cannot be on probation/parole for any offense;
  • Defendant must not have other pending criminal charges; and
  • Defendant cannot have any pending felony charges or past convictions of felony charges.

Further, the Defendant Must be:

  • Willing to make changes in their lives and participate in counseling, which includes providing input, feedback and disclosing personal information;
  • Willing to participate in counseling once a week for the duration of the program;
  • Willing to adhere to the attendance policy and participation rules; and
  • Willing to live drug-free and limit or cease alcohol consumption.

What Fees are Associated with OBI WAN?

Participants in OBI WAN pay a supervision fee of $40/month.  This fee can be adjusted based on hardship.  Participants also pay $18 for each drug test, which are randomly assigned throughout the program.

Length of the OBI WAN Program

The OBI WAN Program typically lasts from 4 to 6 months. The program can be extended to accommodate participants that are experiencing compliance issues. Once the defendant successfully completes the OBI WAN Program, the judge will dismiss the underlying criminal charge.

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