Our Greatest Achievement

By October 16, 2014Criminal Defense

We were asked this week to name our law firm’s greatest achievement.  Hmm… We’ve experienced quite a few successes over the past several years; acquittals, dismissals, no bills.  We’ve built strong relationships with people in the Fort Worth community.  We’ve been fortunate enough to help many clients.  But our greatest achievement…

After some thought, we knew our greatest achievement.

Our greatest achievement is the warm hug or firm handshake of a grateful client.

Just the other day we completed a criminal case in Tarrant County where the client’s parents had come to court to watch.  After the case was over we had a chance to speak with the parents in the hallway of the courthouse.  Our client’s mother was so thankful and through her tears asked if she could give us a hug.  That was the biggest compliment we could ever receive.  It was the overflow of her heart and in that moment, we knew we had made a difference in their lives.

We absolutely love what we do.  We get to help real people.  We are thankful for the opportunities to be a blessing.  We know that it is no accident when a client walks into our office.  Praise God for His plans and His purposes.