Private Investigator: An Indispensable Criminal Defense Asset

Investigating Every Case to Uncover the Real Truth | Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyers

Fort Worth criminal investigationEvery criminal allegation exists in a gray area. If one were to focus solely on the police report, a criminal case might seem black and white. But it’s not. There are secrets, personalities, motivations, half-truths, unnamed witnesses, and much more lurking in the shadows of every case. One of the keys to a successful defense is to uncover those facts not articulated in the police report and give the case a context. This is why we use a private investigator as part of our defense team.

A good private investigator is indispensable to a full and complete criminal defense. You would be surprised to hear what people will tell an investigator (while being recorded). Perhaps it’s because people like to feel important, or maybe some folks just aren’t completely aware of what they are saying, but a good private investigator can blow a case wide open simply by hitting the streets to interview witnesses and others connected to the case.

Our investigator is a retired police officer that spent over 30 years on the force in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, including many years as an undercover narcotics officer. He can look at a police report and spot errors in the investigation at the drop of a hat.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Tarrant County, Texas and you know that there is more to your case than what is contained in the police report, give us a call and we will coordinate with our investigator to get started uncovering “the rest of the story.” Contact us today for a free consultation.