Bail Bond Scam Alert

By October 23, 2015Bail Bonds

Dallas Fort Worth Bail Bond Scam

Bail Bond ScamPublic Service Announcement:  Attorneys beware that your clients could be the target of a Bail Bond scam that is going around.  There is a person with a Florida phone number (352-210-7464) that is calling criminal defendants in the DFW area claiming to be a representative from their bail bond office.  The caller then claims that the person (who is typically in good standing) owes some amount of money to the bail bondsman.  The caller then threatens to go off the bond if the person does not pay immediately.

This happened to one of our clients yesterday and we called the number to investigate and quickly uncovered the scam.  Please let your clients know that this is going around so that they are not fooled if they get a similar call.